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[at-l] Re: New AT CD

I got this today from someone familiar with my proclivities.  What a price!
was my reaction - they must list all the pine cones in the trail! ;->  But
has anyone seen this?


>I clipped out a newspaper article that describes an Appalachian Trail CD from
>a company in New Hampshire (Maptech). It is supposed to be released this
>month. It covers the full 2,160 miles. It shows topographic maps, trail
>descriptions and navigation software. The guide contains mile-by-mile
>descriptions and more than 150 photographs. Also shelters, campsites and road
>access points.
>The 14-state trail is divided into four discs. Each sells for $39. CDs are
>divided into regions.
>Maptech 800-627-7236

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