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Re[4]: [at-l] Saddleback

     ***Sloetoe responds:
Don't include me in your 99%.  And how is it that you can speak for those 
whom you, condescendingly say, "would get a clue".
     ***Sloetoe responds:
     I *didn't* include you in (what was actually) your "99%."
     Further, as an economist, I can assume *anything* I want, about 
     *anybody* I want. In fact, it's my job. (Somebody's got to.)
     But to (gently) remind you, *you* pontificated for "99% of us", and 
     then I responded. And I responded with a valid observation based on 
     repeated real world facts. Look around, tricknee.
I think that you are simply full of shit.
     ***Sloetoe simply notes:
     Not according to my doctor.
     whozat? Anyway, I'm glad we had this little talk.
             (closes cape with flourish, turns magnificently,
               and stalks off stage)
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