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On community, was Re[2]: [at-l] Saddleback

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Subject: Re: [at-l] Saddleback
Author:  "Bucky" <mfuller@somtel.com> at ima
Date:    8/20/99 6:46 PM

Gee Tom, why are you sorry?
     ***The Toe Speaks: Because "community" increases as its members 
     increase -- that's the essence of it, even.
Why do you care whether I'm part of your community?
     ***The Toe Speaks: You in particular? Well *all* are important. See 
You don't even know whether I'm a tax drain. :) :)
     ***The Toe Speaks: Nor do I mention or imply that you're a tax drain.
>                                "Community" as a concept extends beyond 
>      what we can see and touch.
How convenient for those who lust after another's that can be 
seen and touched.
     ***Hmmm. The Toe scratches his head on this one, then Speaks: 
     "Community" is the sense of coming together "in common" -- as in a 
     settlement, in a village, in a city, and even in a state or region or 
     country whose denizens don't necessarily bop around "doing community," 
     but who carry the mindset that the society/community they are in 
     extends beyond what is right there before them, to a larger circle, to 
     a connectedness with like-minded individuals whom they may never meet. 
     Hmmm. Sounds a lot like the at-l, eh there Bucky-boy? Like-minded 
     individuals who've come together *as a community*. Whoa. And here's 
     news, dude: YOU'RE a part of it.
     Certainly, we'd be less without you here.
     So there.
     Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it.
     (who really means it)
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