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Re: [at-l] Saddleback

> Sloetoe responds to Bucky's cry from the window with:

Nah, it's more like a big ol' Rob Halford falsetto scream.

>      Even Thoreau (who reparaphrased Jefferson with "That government is 
>      best which governs *not*at*all*."), saw the need for taxes when 
>      voluntary contributions would not cover what all would have the 
>      opportunity to benefit from (because of "free riders"). And so we pay 
>      taxes, to minimize the costs of collecting from the skin flints. 

Here's a novel idea: to the greate extent possible, don't provide
services to people who don't pay. Make taxes more like user fees and
we'll discover who the real skin flints are.

You might be surprised. :)

>      Paying taxes, I expect something for my money. 

A legal system that can do a special interest's dirty work for
them, for instance. 

>                                                     National defense comes 
>      to mind, but in the immediate case, so does national heritage. The 
>      Zapruder film was monetized at $16,000,000. The search for JFKjr, 
>      which they finally admitted involved more than what would have gone on 
>      for Joe Blow, cost the country probably more. And Saddleback, too. But 
>      they're all three "national heritage."

John-John is part of our national heritage?


>      It seems you're unwilling to grant that you live in a nation, a very 
>      large *community*, which would attach such meaning and value to such 
>      programs or people as these, 


>                                   whether you agree with such choices or 
>      not, and I'm sorry about that. 

Gee Tom, why are you sorry?

Why do you care whether I'm part of your community?

You don't even know whether I'm a tax drain. :) :)

>                                "Community" as a concept extends beyond 
>      what we can see and touch.

How convenient for those who lust after another's that can be
seen and touched.

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