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RE: [at-l] Saddleback

I can understand (but disagree with) people who dislike eminent domain. Like
many tools it can be misused. Consider the following discussion:

Man asks girl if she would for $1.
Girl says no.
Man asks girl if she would for $1,000,000
Girl says yes.
Man: Now that we have determined what kind of girl you are we are only
haggling over the price.

Eminent domain is used when the owner won't sell at an appraised price, i.e.
wants more than the property is worth. At that point it is up to the courts
to decide if the appraised price is fair. The government cannot pay more
than the appraised price without going through the eminent domain process so
that the land owner gets a fair hearing. [Yes you can argue that the courts
are not fair, but that is a different problem.] Sentimental value is very
hard to put a price on. This is not a case of sentimental value. It is a
case of a greedy landowner trying to bilk the government. There is very
little evidence that he will every extend the skiing but is using it as an
excuse to jack the price up even beyond what appraisers in the ski business
say it is worth.

In the Saddleback case the landowner is willing to sell but at a price way
above the appraisal. This seems to fit the prostitute model above very well.

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