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Re: [at-l] New Danger

On August 19, Daniel Berlinger wrote, in part . . .

"What's the difference between a pizza and a musician?"
"A pizza can feed a family of four."



Your question hit a sour note. Get it?
Sour = food, i.e. pizza.
Note = musician

But seriously, what size pizza did you mean? A super-large, Chicago-style 
pizza will feed more than a family of four.

Also, consider the location of the feast. To a hiking family of four, after 
doing a 15-mile hike, one pizza is not sufficient. 

And are we talking about pepperoni, cheese, anchovies, and pineapple (yuk)?

Next time, please be more specific.

P.S.   I like your jokes.

For "really" offensive jokes, visit <alt.tasteless.jokes>.

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