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<< joke >>

A blonde was sitting in the first class section of a plane with a coach 
ticket.  When the steward asked her to move to the coach section, she 
replied, "Nope.  I'm a blonde, and I'm going to New Atlanta."  (On her way to 

Several other crew members made the same request, and she replied every time, 
"Nope.  I'm a blonde, and I'm going to Atlanta and I'm going to hike the AT." 

Finally the Captain said, "Let me try it.   I'm married to a blonde, and  I 
speak blonde."  

He walked up to the blonde, leaned over and whispered in her ear, and she got 
up and moved back into the coach section.

Everyone wanted to know how he did it, and he said, "It was easy.  I just 
told her that the first class section of the plane doesn't go to Atlanta."  
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