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[at-l] Re: Bad Karma, Flying Fuel Bottles ...

     I give! I give!
     There's no way I'm going to top your abilities, Mr. A. No way. I bow 
     to the master!

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Subject: Bad Karma, Flying Fuel Bottles ...
Author:  "David  F. Addleton" <dfa@wimlaw.com> at ima
Date:    8/18/99 6:00 PM

And on the subject of pranks, I should relate to you my daughter, Adriana's 
singular achievement in middle school home econ. She came home one day to 
announce she had two days in the public school's brig, after school. She 
and a friend had rather tightly placed a rubber band around that little 
spray gun most sinks come with. Their intent, of course, was to soak their 
classmates, but a teacher got it instead, and then slipped and fell without 
physical injury. The teacher, Adriana claims, will find in this large lab, 
step on, and fall from a single ice cube accidentally dropped from a 
freezer. Apparently she'd been slipping frequently. I'm I afraid I took the 
irresponsible route, LOL, and asked her if she considered two days after 
school in the brig too cheap a price to pay ... 
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