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Re: [at-l] Another use for antibacterial soap

--- ATnavi@aol.com wrote:
> Well, I was chatting with a CDC nurse today, and she
> mentioned how the new 
> antibacterial soaps (which require no water) cause a
> lot of dryness when you 
> use them for extended periods, like backpacking.
> FYI.

I actually had no dryness problems while using the gel 2-3 times a day
for 6.5 months hiking last year.  The stuff I have claims to have aloe
and Vitamin E to prevent dryness, so I don't know if that helped.

YMMV, but I had good luck with the stuff and plan to continue using it.

> More importantly, she mentioned one of her favorite
> uses for the soap is to 
> convince ticks to remove themselves from you. Dab a
> glob of soap on the 
> embedded tick, and wait 5-10 minutes. It will start
> to suffocate, and will 
> remove its head from your skin. Then you can kill
> the bastard. :)

Good to know!  I hope to never try it out on myself (knock on wood) but
I want to try it on the dog next time it is my turn to remove the tick.

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