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[at-l] Bad Karma, Flying Fuel Bottles ...

> Sorry Sloetoe, I'm with OB on this...addled is bad karma.  I bet he'd end

> up hiking
> the wrong way from the shelter (my recurring nightmare).  If we are going

> automotive...

The wrong way from the shelter? Is there a right way? 

You should've seen the southbounders last fall my sisinlaw rescued on
Standing Indian: we had finished our week-end hike over Bly Gap. I gave her
substantial time ahead of me on the FSR before leaving myself. We nearly
ran into each other in our vehicles at a curve. Her van now had at least 4
backpacks tied to the roof, and eight hikers and four more backpacks inside
and she was headed in the wrong direction. The clearly tired and thirsty
thru hikers had been wandering around the lower reaches of Standing Indian
all day, having blue blazed for water, and were now wondering where the AT
might be. Solo gave them a 3 mile lift back to the trail. It was late in
the afternoon.

>      Sloetoe responds with:
>      OK! OK! Alright, already! Jeeeez!
>      But "Tranny Trouble"????? Puh-Lease!

Thistle B fun! 

>      David is obviously born of the same blood as Bart Simpson, so my
>      alternative to the admittedly provisional "Addled" might be "Trail 
>      Bart."

I was bred on Mad and the Classic Comics --- no TV --- so Bart may be a tad
low brow for me ... but my kids could go on to connect the obvious rhymes
with Bart ... Since I don't see much TV, I can just barely remember this
square headed guy with a week end beard married to a square headed woman
with tall hair and a squeeky, irritating voice ... yellows and oranges
seemed to predominate when I saw the cartoon on TV and they aren't my

But, hey, I'm still interested in launching an old fuel bottle. I've got
one to use. Someone stepped on it. I did the best I could using coca cola
and water pressure to pop out all the dents. I even tried soda and vinegar:
my kids use that for rockets made from plastic film containers. I was
getting ready to use solid CO2 when I when I remembered something about
Boyle's laws (not the details, mind you, just the general picture). I
didn't want to get arrested for bomb making while I was actually just
trying to fix an aluminium fuel bottle. 

And on the subject of pranks, I should relate to you my daughter, Adriana's
singular achievement in middle school home econ. She came home one day to
announce she had two days in the public school's brig, after school. She
and a friend had rather tightly placed a rubber band around that little
spray gun most sinks come with. Their intent, of course, was to soak their
classmates, but a teacher got it instead, and then slipped and fell without
physical injury. The teacher, Adriana claims, will find in this large lab,
step on, and fall from a single ice cube accidentally dropped from a
freezer. Apparently she'd been slipping frequently. I'm I afraid I took the
irresponsible route, LOL, and asked her if she considered two days after
school in the brig too cheap a price to pay ... 

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