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[at-l] Jokes

In a message dated 8/18/99, 4:33:15 PM, kahley7@ptd.net writes:
<<It just happened to be the next joke in the file.>>

Sorry,  Wild Bill and others, but what is and is not poor taste is an 
individual decision.  The at-l is a wonderful list because of its freedom 
from interference as well as its reliance on its subscribers for their 
self-restraint.  Let us not vocalize our occasional discomfort with a post to 
the list. It was quite obvious that Kahley's joke was just that and not a 
social or political commentary.

Let's not descend into a Wingfoot-like discussion of what's right or wrong to 
post to this list.  This ambience of this list is so refreshing compared to 
the ATML (when last sampled).  Let us keep it as it is, unfettered -- and 
yes, occasionally irreverent and socially and politically incorrect.

Happy trails,

Solar Bear
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