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[at-l] trailnomenclatura


> So, the ball is in your court, counselor.

Herewith my first volley:

> If you like the trailname ["Addled" (see below)]
> ... keep it. If not, we can keep working on it. Burnt OverDrive
> might work, for instance!

Burnt OverDrive explains why I might sometimes yellow blaze far from the trail. Maybe you could make it stick, but it sounds awfully Canadienne woknwoll to me. One concert was enough: it left my ears winging for three *&^%^&^!! days.


> >So anyway, Mr. A, if I *were* to be so presumptuous as to propose a
> >      trail name for you, even if just for the limited purposes of at-l use,
> >      that name would be "Addled," as in "To confuse or muddle; to become
> >      rotten; to become confused; confused; rotten;"

You aren't the first and won't be the last to notice this middle english connection between my surname, general demeanor, and eggs ["King of Farts" and "Mule" -- are some of the kinder names my kids call me] ... and believe you me, I've lived with far more pejorative (often french) labels than this ... to the vikings the word referred to gold and/or compensation. I would hazard a guess that the norse yelled something like it when they arrived in their long boats to addle the scottish, english and irish countryside. It was associated with booty and I guess you could have a field day with that one! Now, if you spelled it Aedel, I might consider the idea a noble notion, since that spelling for the same sound reveals something about the surname's history, a 1500+ year bastardization (both actual and metaphoric) of Aedelwulflingtun, which eventually became Adlington before the Beantown journalists and assorted, addled clerks turned it into Addleton or Attleton in the 16th and 17th centuries. But hey, y'all make the call, not me. If it sticks, I'll probably wear it like lint, 'till some lets me know about it.

>>       as it seems to draw
> >      into my mind the picture of some schoolmarm somewhere pointing a
> >      steely finger at you, eyebrow raised in indignance, intoning "MISS-ter
> >      AddleTON!!" at some point in your background. "Are you ADDLED, Mr.
> >      Addleton?" I can hear her asking right now.....

Aye, ladddey, and it was in a Scott'sh brrrrogue when it furrrrrst fell upon me young earrrrs.