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[at-l] blue kazoo for sale on sierra and looking for a COT!

if anyone is into that... and i know alot of people like that sleeping bag..
(the kazoo that is)


has them for
reg $149
lng $157
and they look to be the old kind before they started putting in watch
holders and the such ...but dont take my word for it

KODIAK POLARGUARDŽ 3D JACKET by LOWE ALPINE for 85 dollars too...  is that
good deal? i never understood those down and polarguard filled jackets..

oh and they also are selling a CELL PHONE case for 9.95  seriously.........
no seriously i am serious:)

that aside does anyone know where i can get a cheap cot that can hold up to
300 lbs... i like being sure it can hold up my 200 pound self.  i car camp
with a cot  and mine just BROKE! it was an old lafuma from before i was born
actually from when my father was young.

WOW i found a tent simalar LOOKING to kurt's tent made by mountain hardwear
called   VL WING TENT but it is heavy and ment for winter and high altiude 5
pounds and 500 dollars... weird stuff..  guess kurts tent  is called a wing
style tent.. very very weird

good night or good morning all


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