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Re: [at-l] cleaning fuel bottles

>      What do *I* think?? DON'T DO IT!! The only thing that would happen
>      that you would deposit a light film of high carbon soot inside your 
>      fuel bottle, soon to be desolved and put back into solution when you

>      add the next fuel. 

As a kid I played with all manner of explosives, freely available. We tried
to keep things safe, but sometimes things got out of hand, but fortunately
not so much as to injure person or property. I'm sorry in this milieu that
kids don't have the same opportunity to experiement as I enjoyed.

We designed several stage rockets with gun powder. We used gunpowder to
heat ball bearings which we then dropped in a bucket of water. The
resulting mini-explosion left no obvious metal particle and only a magnet
could recover some of the residue.

We put these little crystals of (do I remember correctly?) amonia and
potassium on toilet seats (let me suggest vaseline is better!), and set off
the crystals sometimes with magnified solar light. Both methods created
this purple colored smoke.

As for "high carbon soot" wouldn't this consist in nanotubes and
buckeyballs among other carbon arrangements?

Which reminds me of when I tried to create an arc light. I took the carbon
from two batteries, sharpened each in a pencil sharpener, and set them in a
wooden stand with leads heading to a 220 volt ac source. Slowly pushed the
two sharpened carbon rods closer and closer together, failing to get an arc
... until they touched and we got this marvelous light and explosion that
left the stand and carbon in pieces, and blew open the fuse box, and
brought my mom screaming and yelling something about idiots.  

>      Oh! The Humanity!

Hydrogen, now there's an idea. Have you ever seen hydrogen balloons explode
with a thrown match?? doesn't work with helium balloons. 

Am I being irresponsible here?  I had a blast being a kid ...
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