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[at-l] Re: cleaning fuel bottles

It might be a more spectacular show than a Wild Turkey bottle. I would be 
concerned about creating a flame throwing "bottle rocket" in which the 
bottle became a projectile or belched a flash flame.

Don't try this trick at home. Don't use remaining digits to hold the match.

Atlanta, GA

At 10:50 AM 8/17/1999 -0400, David  F. Addleton wrote:
>Ok, so I've emptied the fuel bottle and left it sitting around for while,
>but it still has that smell.
>Kind of like an emptied bottle of Wild Turkey, which at night creates a
>fine if brief show when you drop in a lit match.
>What kind of show would I get doing the same to an empty but smelling fuel
>bottle? I doubt it would hurt the bottle or its mouth ...
>What do you think?

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