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[at-l] Re: Soooooo???

> will the car live?

Who knows? I'm still driving it with the canoe on top because that's a good
place to work on the canoe when I rent a heat gun.

Fine folks in Bryson browsed a CD collection and we found that the
electronic over-drive switch can cause the symptoms we experienced, so I'm
hoping for the cheap diagnosis, but bracing for the worse.

> Jeesh....bosses wife?  Job in danger?

It's funny, but Liv *hates* mixing work and personal life and everyone who
meets him thinks her boss is cool. He's Belgian, super smart, and can mix
socially just about anywhere ... he runs the show in the Western Hemisphere
for a very large Belgian chemical & pharmaceutical company. He's had
trekking experiences in the Himalaya and canoeing in Zimbabwae ... He's a
strong hiker who accompanied me on my first AT experience up Amicalola to
Springer and down the otherside to the 3 forks area ... Liv's job is no
danger ... He thinks she's responsible for his success in the USA and he's

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