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Re: [at-l] felix...

richard mann wrote:

> well, i had a wonderful evening with felix, pokey, and stoat.  we ordered
> out pizza, and yukked ourselves silly.  felix is trying to get himself fired
> so that he can do another thru...

I wouldn't go as far as to say I'm 'trying' to get fired. I'm saying "IF I get
fired, I'll be on the Trail within two weeks." And, I'm pretty much serious.
BUT, I'm also pretty sure I ain't gettin' fired. Hell, John LIKES me :-)   Kind
of an odd thing about that left over pizza: Slyman helped me eat the rest of it
Saturday night. (Hmmmm, two ATL-ers in two nights in Indiana? Gotta be a

> felix's computer bit the big one again, so now would not be a good time to
> email him.  he will post when problems are corrected...

Problem corrected only in that I am now on a new system. I'm still trying to
figger this thing out. What does "Windows" mean?

Get a load of this, won't you? (This is hilarious to me) JOHN MELLENCAMP CALLS
POKEY "POKEY"!!!  I love that. He calls me stuff that I can't write here because
Brandon Moak might read it.

Well, did I fix that time warp thing?
Anybody heard from Gitte Hearnes lately?
Is Linda Patton married?

Hey, I'll get that nifty sig. file going again as soon as I figger out where to
write it and how to save it  :-)

Felix J.
"Your Move"

Does anybody read this stuff???

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