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Re: [at-l] !!!!!!HEADS UP!!!!!!!!

I wouldn't know them if I saw them, but the scenery there makes me jealous! 
Clear, clouds on the horizon, blustery, cool. If only it were further south!

Atlanta, GA

At 08:28 AM 8/16/1999 -0700, kahley7 wrote:
>Well I was sworn to secrecy, but since the lovely Mrs. Gorp has spilled 
>the beans <ack>,
>don't forget that she and our favorite brother act, Chase and Woodelf are 
>scheduled to hit
>Mt Wash, today around noonish.  So fire up those browsers to
> and keep an eye out.
>The first one to spot them and alerts the list, wins a bag of beans.
>And if you can, hit save on the image.  I promised JR that I'd save the 
>pic for him
>but with my 'puter luck, I'm beggin' for backup <g>.    k

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