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[at-l] last weekend

Group car camped near NOC.
Saturday: fell out of sis-in-law's canoe, nearly injured wife's boss in
same mishap, definitely injured canoe, but we weren't in it when that
happened; bracing swim about 1/3 mile to canoe; decided, since canoe wasn't
mine, I would take out the canoe: 40+ ft on 65-70 degree slope to road. Did
the boundary waters' Pigeon years ago in aluminium canoes without mishap
past the grand portage and through the tunnel. Thought Nantahala would be a
piece of cake. I'm sure I left some local river rats with some great
stories about that idiot who tried to canoe it last Saturday. The guide
comes up and hands me my sandles and the foam blocks for hauling the canoe;
I thank him, and he says he found everything but the book. I ask what book
since I didn't bring a book and he says the book about how to canoe

Transmission trouble in car. Not a good day. Good day started arount 5:30
when i started cooking for 33: lamb, salmon, & chicken. Everyone seemed to
enjoy the meat.

Sunday: drove to Telico Gap to descend to NOC before noon along the AT.
Water scarce. Charred area near the Rufus Morgan shelter -- from fires
earlier this year? Nice walk in the woods and esp. loved the rocky
outcroping looking northbound over the last knob before Wesser. Found but
one "poorman's asparagus" but still want to cultivate it for salad: any
ideas? They've changed the final descent and AT access to Silvermine Road
from Highway 19, leaving thru hikers nearer the bunk-house and the
footbridge rather than the car bridge: lots of little switch backs down to
the NOC. Wife, sisinlaw and wife's boss climbed the 7 or so miles to
Telico; handed them the key when we passed. This completes my AT section
hikes from Amicalola to Stecoah Gap.

Monday: Back in "civilization" I'd forgotten I had this hearing, and so I
took off like a maniac with canoe still tied to the roof ... made it to the
hearing, thinking I was half and hour late, but it turns out I was half an
hour early!!! Somethings going right, even though I've got transmission and
canoe problems. Saturday pm I just wanted to leave everyone and climb
Cheoah by my lonesome. Still do today, but it felt good to sleep in hammock
under the stars listening to katydids and cicadas, speaking of which I
managed to rescue a pair of mating cicadas stuck together and stuck on the

Can't wait to have 9 and half days on the trail come the end of Sept.

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