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[at-l] Flammables

OK, you firebugs, I need to know how to handle my flammables.

I have a fuel bottle that I carried Coleman fuel in until last July. At that 
point, I drained it back into the Coleman container and let the fuel bottle 
air out for a while.

Jump to a year later. I want to pour denatured alcohol in the fuel bottle. I 
uncap the bottle and discover it still has a slight eau de Coleman.

A. is it safe for me to pour the denatured alcohol in the fuel bottle
B. should I let the fuel bottle sit uncapped for a good long while, THEN put 
the alcohol in it, or
C. Get a new fuel bottle (hope not!)

Your input appreciated.
Cheers, Navigator

PS. Stop by Navigator's Place at http://members.aol.com/atnavi ... it's under 
construction, but I've got some trail pix and stuff...click on the front page 
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