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Re: [at-l] Its them

Yeah, it was a sign but they didn't tell me what it said. ....
S'posed to be a surprise....well the surprise is on them.LOL
We'll have to wait till Mrs. Gorp gets back to clue us in.

Note for future ascenders of MT WA.  Study that picture.
Count the pavers in relationship to that little roof so you know
exactly where to stand for best ..errrr..exposure.

Thank you again Earthworm.and John O....you are both gems

At 12:04 PM 8/16/99 -0400, Linda Patton wrote:
>I can't read the dang sign it's so tiny on my screen.  But I saved it .jpg
>just in case.  --  Earthworm
> >
> > They're hanging  a sign NOW @ NOON
> > John O
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