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Re: [at-l] Stephensons field report

At 11:42 PM 8/15/99 -0400, you wrote:
>OK, I used the Stephensons 2RSLD (yellow, more chartrouse I think, and 
>purple) yesterday on a little overnight canoe trip.  Here are some firest 
>field impressions after one real day of use.

I would like to see it in person. That color looked good in the video.

>I've not weighed the Stephensons but unless they're bad about 
>weights too it should weigh 54oz, plus a couple ounces for the stakes, 

Ken, it should weigh that. Mine is 52 oz with the rock bags and 3 Easton stakes.

>Set up was quite easy. Took me about 5 minutes and I had only done it a 
>couple times before in my yard so I consider this quite good. 

Yup, that is a good time for the first attempts.  It should go up in under 3
min as you get the hang of it. 

>While the outer shell the tents shows to the world looked great I did have
>sagging inside. I haven't figured out how to tension things so the inside 
>walls don't sag quite as much (hints welcomed).

This worried the heck out of me also. As you know, it is made to sag some
inorder to put some space between the inner and outter walls.  Reread the
pitching instructions especially about the placement of the front two stakes
and the tension. Get that right and the sag will be minimized. Actually, I
think it becomes less important as you get used to it. 

>The other window shade I had lieing on the tent and that made for a big view.

I like rolling them up and clipping them together at the top with clothes pins. 

>I definitely will have to make some treads to prevent slippage. 

I used the straight line method because I sometimes have two in the tent. 
I have always thought the figure eight method or circles would be better.

>Cuteness factor: hi. My friends thought the tent was quite cool and 
>cute. We all thought the way the firelight made the ends glow was 
>fascinating. I got the bright ends so that I would be able to find my 
>tent in the dark after those inevitable privvy or whatever trips. 
>Clearly, that decision will pay off.

Mine is grey with tan ends as to blend in with the surrondings... Guess
what, it does. Man, is it hard to find at night. 

Oh, haven't cooked inside.  I keep the stove just outside the door and do
the rest inside. 


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