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Re: [at-l] Delit's *Weird* Hiking Food Experiments

>Certainly you know your body and your diet better than I do, but have
>you tried nuts? I have a serving a day--usually cashews or
>pistachios--on the trail. Good source of protein and calories. They
>always go down and do a good job of fueling me.

I do use a good bit of nuts.  Almonds seem best all-around for me but I
also use peanuts, pecans, walnuts (have to watch them 'til I get my
thyrioid *fixed.*)  Haven't tried pistachios (but will - thanks) and LOVE
cashews - so much I have to *ration* them. ;-)

>One other comment--although you've probably figured this out already.
>What works best for hikers on the trail is not necessarily what they eat
>at home.

I saw that - after I wrote my long post to you - thanks.  One thing my trip
confirmed is I still do need a good volume of food and for sure still need
my protein.  I had thought maybe hiking would cause me to need more carbs
(and less protein).  But looks like its more of both.

>Also, have you tried any version of TVP? I like the veggie chili mix. I
>add dried canned beans and diced tomatoes plus other assorted goodies,
>such as dried black olives, mushrooms, chiles, etc. Sometimes I eat it
>plain, sometimes over rice, sometimes over instant potatoes. Yum. I, of
>course, finish up with a mint chocolate bar, but you wouldn't HAVE TO do
>that... ;->

Yum.  I love *mexican* and will look into veggie chili mix.  I have used
TVP in years back but haven't really pinned down how effective it is for me
compared to meat.  (For example, there is a difference between tofu salad
and tuna salad for me - takes more tofu salad to have the same effect.)

Another thing I want to try is dried tofu (rehydrate and throw some cubes
in my whatever) and seaweed. Also miso soup base.  So many foods; so little
time.  I'm sure this is good for me; I'm usually not motivated to cook and
would rather eat whatever than get into actually cooking.  But - a
thru-hike will require that I have more than one or two meals on hand, I
suspect.  Anyway, life's an adventure and all this keeps me off the
streets, literally. ;-)


>Delita Wright wrote:
>> I think I received posts from a couple folks on this who asked for more
>> info on the hiking food I worked out.  But I can't remember who you are. ;-p
>> Thanks to a recent query from *Give Me Chocolate* I have written up how I
>> handled the food on my 3-day hike and will happily post you a copy if you
>> let me know you want it.  It's long ;-) and still a work in progress but a
>> fair statement of how far I've gotten on the food issue so far.  (Mostly
>> about substituting complex carbs for the simple carbs most hikers live on
>> and also increasing protein.)
>> Delita
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