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[at-l] Cheap Stuff

I believe GMC started a brief discussion about the use of cheap gear from 
places that REI, Campmor and other places would sneer at.

I just made my weekend hike to Big Lots in Smyrna, GA. Tarps 6X8 for $1.49. 
8X12 for $4.50. Thinsulate leather gloves for $3.99. Frosted Poptarts 
12-pack for $1.99 (cherry and strawberry, in boxes marked for vendor sale 
only). Gear repair kits with 1 oz tubes of seam sealer for $3.25.

I didn't make it into the Dollar General store next to the barber shop. It 
was just too blasted hot and I forgot to bring my hydration system 
(actually, divorce was threatened if I ventured out of the house into 
polite company with a Playpus on my back).

I didn't see any metal cups (my favorite are old aluminum or steel metal 
measuring cups that you can cook in). I didn't even find any good and light 
poly ropes or tie downs. But, I'm getting stuff together for a 4 day walk 
near Labor Day toward Woody Gap with my new Nomad. (I'm ambivalent about 
missing the first Clemson football game. We bought a Bowden!)

Atlanta, GA
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