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Re: who is at the cabin tonight???

Hey Fannypack,

  Lets see, who all is here tonight.  Glider, a
northbound thru-hiker who says he's met you
several places along the way; California
Tentlady, who I believe is a section hiker, Net,
a northbounder who just climbed Katadin a couple
days ago and is here at the cabin with his family
on their way back to Nahville, Duke, who is being
slacked by Junker, Laureen Post, who has worked
at the ATC offices in Harper's Ferry, Alabama
Love Bug and her daughter  are out on an
overnighter in the Mahosuc Notch area.  There's
also other folks who are here who are more or
less supporting other hikers.  Artful Dodger is
over at the Andover Guest House running shuttles
for the owner there.  Looks like I'll probably
stay here a few more days, Honey and Bear seem to
enjoy having an extra pair of hands around to
help.  Tonight after dinner they showed us a
video PMS and Anti-up sent them about their hike
last year.  I recognized some of the other hikers
in their photos, although I didn'tt meet either
PMS or Anti-up.  Thats about all around here.

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