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[at-l] Transportation from Mt. Katahdin to Monson?

> Hello,
>  I'm planning to hike from Monson to Mt Katahdin beginning
> the end of August and have two
>  questions:
>  1. I plan to leave my car at the Mt Katahdin end, if
> possible. Is there a Ranger Station or
>  town with "long" term parking (10 days) available in that
> area?
>  2. How would I (after leaving my car) get back to Monson
> to begin the hike, ie, are there
>  buses, a shuttle service of some sort? I know there are
> shuttles available in Monson to reach
>  the various trailheads in that area from town but I need
> somehow to get to these trailheads
>  from Mt K. Possibilities?
>  As you can see, I am unfamiliar with the area and would
> appreciate any suggestions on how to
>  solve this logistical problem or any suggestions on
> alternative ways to accomplish this hike
>  with only one car available.
>  Thanks!

John Harper AA5YX/2      ex: KA5BBL, KI5OW, VQ9BL
HW-9, OHR-100A/20m, Norcal 40A, SST/30m, Norcal 20
YashicaMat 124G Info: http://home.att.net/~j..harper

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