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Re: [at-l] vermin in the night

     I'm usually a chuckler, GMC, but this one got a LOL from me!

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Subject: [at-l] vermin in the night
Author:  Pat Villeneuve <patv@falcon.cc.ukans.edu> at ima
Date:    8/12/99 9:06 PM

David Addleton wrote:
>Sometimes your ears at night or near morning can hear rustling nearby 
>...usually we attribute such things to harmless mice or other vermin, 
>keeping a pot nearby to scare 'em off, but I suggest you wake up and 
>use your eyes before you try this technique: it could be a skunk.
Reminds me of a story...I had a long day hiking to Pickle Branch Shelter 
in central VA. As WF indicates, the blue blaze (to the shelter) is 
endless. I decided to pitch in the orchard. I crawled in exhausted at 
dusk. Almost instantly the whippoorwill chorus-in-training cranked up, 
and I heard a scratching on the side of my tent by my left shoulder. I 
know this should have brought me back to life, but, really, I didn't want 
to be bothered. I decided to ignore it. Ha! A few seconds later, "it" was 
burrowing under my tent, hoisting first my elbow and then my shoulder. It 
was time for action! Without thinking, I rolled to my other side and came 
down with my elbow: <blam, blam.> On my way towards the third blow, it 
occurred to me that it could be a skunk or a porky. Yikes! Needless to 
say, blow #3 was pretty feeble, but "it" retreated, and I immediately 
passed out--despite the pathetic birds who could not get their own name 
right in their call.
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