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Re: [at-l] Cooking in any Tent?

At 04:08 PM 8/12/99 -0400, Kenneth R. Knight wrote:
>On 8/12/99 9:11 AM bullard@northnet.org bullard@northnet.org wrote:
>>If the Esbit is like my British "Tommy Cooker" (which I understand it was
>>copied from) there is NO WAY I'd ever use it in any tent. ..clip..
>The Esbit is a solid fuel burning stove. The stove itself folds down to 
>about the size of a deck of cards (weighs about the same too). When 
>unfolded you have a flat surface with some vent holes to put the fuel tab 
>on. It looks a bit like this:
>|   | <----pot sits here, these can also be positioned at about a 45 
>degree angle
>|   |      towards  each other if you have a smaller pot/mug.
>===== <----flat surface
>|   |
That's virtually identical to the Tommy Cooker. When set up the fuel
squares are (maybe) an inch off the surface the stove rests on. The first
time I used it I was in a shelter and set the plank floor on fire. Now it
goes on a flat rock.
>While I don't think the underside gets charred the flame is effectively 
>open and can be sizeable. It would have to be really horrific 
>circumstances to make me want to cook inside.
Lots and lots of flame. It comes out around the sides of even my biggest
pot. When the weather's so bad I can't use the stove outside, I vote for a
cold supper.


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