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[at-l] Danger

At 04:46 PM 8/12/99 -0500, you wrote:
>Here is a quick question for you guys.  Do you think its too dangerous for
>a woman to hike the trail by herself?  My parents are starting to get on
>my case about hiking it next year by myself.  I would appreciate any
>opinions you all may have.  Thanks!
I don't think its just a woman thing at all.  This year before I started my
hike I have offers of every kind of weapon, tales of multiple deaths from
some pervert, tales of being attacked by a bear, snake or some other
horrible blood thirsty crazed animal.  Your entering a safe environment
probably safer than where you now live.  Using common sense you'll avoid
almost all the pitfalls along the way.  It might be a good idea to contact
some of the women pm and get some specific info.  Your family is concerned
because they love you and this is a good thing.   Just before you leave
their fears increase at least that is what I found to happen.
Its all part of planning for your hike.
John O
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