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Re: [at-l] Danger

I did have a hiking partner but we were two women in our forties and
using common sense such as not camping near road crossings and steering
away from people that didn't seem to fit in we always felt very
comfortable. I would say I felt safer on the trail than most city
streets. The thru hiking community is always aware of the people around
them and are quick to point out any dangers they are aware of. Yes there
have been a few tragic incidents but no matter where we go or what we do
life presents risks. The high traffic areas require a little more
caution  and getting in and out of town carries a higher risk so if you
can hook up with someone on those occasions it helps. As a parent and a
hiker I would not hesitate to encourage my child to thru hike. Many
women have made it alone.
						Triathlon Grandma

Allyson Natalie Straka wrote:
> Here is a quick question for you guys.  Do you think its too dangerous for
> a woman to hike the trail by herself?  My parents are starting to get on
> my case about hiking it next year by myself.  I would appreciate any
> opinions you all may have.  Thanks!
> Allyson
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