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Re: [at-l] Danger

     Ahhhhhh! alnstrak@indiana.edu!! Bloomington! A Brigadoon in the corn. 
     And right in the back yard of meself, the Felix, and the Stoatster.
     Just have yo' parents meet up wit' us. Whe'el set 'em straight. No 
     problem. No charge, even. Hell's bells, I bet we can get His 
     Datto-ness to drive down from artic Fort Waynie. Yes. Give us a ring.
     (Sober, deep breath now) Or in the alternative, you might *lend* them 
     any book by Roland Muesser, Larry Luxembourg, or Lynn Setzer. A guess, 
     but I wouldn't be surprised if 50% of *successful* throughhikers now 
     are women hiking solo. KC? Anyone else have a "latest word" from the 
     trail? Seriously?

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Subject: [at-l] Danger
Author:  Allyson Natalie Straka <alnstrak@indiana.edu> at ima
Date:    8/12/99 4:46 PM

Here is a quick question for you guys.  Do you think its too dangerous for 
a woman to hike the trail by herself?  My parents are starting to get on 
my case about hiking it next year by myself.  I would appreciate any 
opinions you all may have.  Thanks!
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