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Re[2]: [at-l] Cooking in a Stephenson Tent?

I like that list. The time of greatest danger is while lighting the stove. 
I wouldn't like to have a fireball between me and the opening. I suppose 
there is some hazard in getting into the tent and avoiding the stove. The 
bit about how to kneel and cook sounds tricky, but rings true.

I imagine if there was that much wind and cold in North Georgia, I'd be 
writing my last will and testament rather than calmly cooking my Lipton's.

Atlanta, GA

At 04:01 PM 8/12/1999 -0500, Thomas McGinnis wrote:
>3) Ignite stove, steady operation place near door of tent.
>4) Enter tent, enter sleeping bag.
>5) Roll on belly, scooching knees under hips, hunching so that your back
>never contacts the tent roof, bring lit stove into tent. Leave door open.
>6) Remaining hunched, place cook pot with water on stove; heat.
>7) Carry out all cooking operations without once a) tipping stove; b)
>spilling scalding water; c) humidifying tent interior; d) burning food
>because you're too scared to stir unstable pot; e) painting cheese-covered
>spoon across tent floor; f) ruining meal because in your crouch you rushed
>and forgot to unfold the cooking directions all the way, and left half the
>ingrediants in your pack.

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