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[at-l] Kelty Gale backpack

I've been surfing the net for a few minutes and ran across the Kelty
website.  I scanned across their listing of backpacks in an effort to
identify backpacks which would do the job, but be a savings in weight.  I
saw the Kelty "Gale" listed as a pack which weighs 2 lbs. 10oz. and has a
capacity of 3500 c.i.   It is listed as costing $90.  Is there something
wrong or unmentioned about this pack?  It seems remarkably light for the
capacity listed.  Most of Kelty's other packs are in the 5-6 lb. range.

Tell me what you know about this.  I'm  looking for a way to lighten my pack
weight down from my Kelty Tioga, which weighs in at 5 lbs. 11oz. if the pack
cover is included (according to my spring loaded scales).
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