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Re: [at-l] Cooking in any Tent?

On 8/12/99 9:11 AM bullard@northnet.org bullard@northnet.org wrote:

>If the Esbit is like my British "Tommy Cooker" (which I understand it was
>copied from) there is NO WAY I'd ever use it in any tent. The flame is much
>too close to the surface it sits on and requires a heat shield under it to
>keep it from charring a wooden shelter floor. Your tent floor would never
>survive it and you might not either. Aside from the fire hazard I don't
>think the fumes from the fuel would be a good thing in such an enclosed
>space. Stoves belong outside or under a tarp with lots of breezes blowing
>through. I know, I know, some people do it and get away with it. Count
>yourselves *LUCKY*. It's not a good idea. I like to finish my hikes alive
>and without burns all over my body.

The Esbit is a solid fuel burning stove. The stove itself folds down to 
about the size of a deck of cards (weighs about the same too). When 
unfolded you have a flat surface with some vent holes to put the fuel tab 
on. It looks a bit like this:

|   | <----pot sits here, these can also be positioned at about a 45 
degree angle
|   |      towards  each other if you have a smaller pot/mug.
===== <----flat surface
|   |

While I don't think the underside gets charred the flame is effectively 
open and can be sizeable. It would have to be really horrific 
circumstances to make me want to cook inside.

Now, perhaps a little better you could open the door (assuming the large 
door option) wide and raise it up be securing its tie-outs to either 
trees or hiking poles which would raise it to about 42 inches. Cooking 
under that sort of arrangement wouldn't be as scarey though the only time 
I can imagine doing that would be in heavy rain where no other shelter 
existed and the rain wasn't coming into the tent from the door's side. 
Still iffy though...

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