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Re[2]: [at-l] Cooking in a Stephenson Tent?

>Regarding cooking in a tent - there are times and places for exceptions to
>any rule. The key is to first learn the rule, and to be very reluctant to
>change the rule unless reality dictates the change.

Agreed. I would think that the only reason that you'd be cooking in the
tent is because the weather is really nasty/cold/rainy/snowing outside.
Even if you could get out of a burning tent, would you really want to be
standing in such weather with a charred tent (and all your gear) at your

That said, if I had to cook in my tent, I would leave the door as open as
possible (to chuck the stove outside if necessary), and I would have my
sharp lockblade handy (to cut my way out of the back of the tent). But I
would only do this if I really had to have hot food or liquids, as in a
hypothermia situation. Otherwise, I'm eating cold food.



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