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[at-l] tarps & tents

At 10:25 AM 8/12/99 -0400, you wrote:
>Thanks to all who answered my question about the Nomad.  I've been in
>touch with Kurt and am hoping that a 2 person version will be available
>sometime before next July.  
That would be great.  

>But, aside from the (possible) 2-person Nomad and a Stephenson tent (a
>little out of my price range right now), the best choice for 2 people
>seems to be a tarp. 

There are many other tents you could consider that will fill your needs
besides Nomad & Stephensons.

 OK, bugs I suppose I can get used to, but what
>about rain?  I've done some reading about tarps (Jardine, etc), but
>nowhere has anyone addressed the matter of rain running underneath the
>tarp.  How do you keep your sleeping bag dry when, (a) you're on a
>slight incline with rain running down the hill, or (b) in an
>"established" campsite along with more dirt than grass?  
>Can anyone help me find an answer to this question?
One you'll have a ground cloth to protect your sleeping bag.  If its
raining hard in an established campsite I would make a small trench
diverting water from tarp in the morning fill it in.  If there are leaves
around place them under tarp area and they will prevent some water from
going under tarp on a non level area.  Or you may just have to hike a
little further until you come to a level spot off the trail to set up your
tarp.  If its rainy I would start looking for spots before I reach my
destination incase I need to relocate due to excessive water.  
John O
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