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Re: [at-l] portable water

This is vital for spots like Blood Mountain, where the only water is a half 
mile away, straight down! The bigger bladders do carry a weight penalty. I 
carry 2-3 2 liter Platypus bladders, usually only keeping 1 filled for 
hiking, but fill the rest shortly before stopping for the night. They tie 
onto the pack easily, and don't require a handle or extra bag. Now, I have 
used mesh "dirty clothes bags" to hold water bladders and food, as you can 
see the contents very quickly, and leaks are quickly detected.

Atlanta, GA

At 03:53 PM 8/11/1999 -0400, Kenneth R. Knight wrote:
>The nice thing about the REI bag though was
>that since there were 3 of us last time out we could fill that thing up
>way full for all sorts of camp needs and then never worry about it again.

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