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Re: [at-l] Stephenson tent questions

I think you might like the solution Kurt has with the Nomad. He makes a 
pattern on the floor of the Nomad with seam sealer or silicon caulk. It's a 
big S, or $ sign that covers where the pad will lay. I am sure that it will 
eventually rub off, but it did a fine job of giving traction in my front 
yard test. I'm sure that the little adhesive flower pads from the bath-tub 
would work, and would be excellent patches for holes, but it would be heavier.

Atlanta, GA

At 03:49 PM 8/11/1999 -0400, Kenneth R. Knight wrote:
>Sliding around inside the tent while sleeping. That had not ocurred to me
>as a potential problem. I like my Therm-a-rest Ultralight 3/4 and hope it
>doesn't slip and slide. If it does maybe I can put something like those
>little rubber (?) anti-skid thingies you put in your bathtub on the
>underside to solve that problem. Anyone tried that?

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