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Re: [at-l] portable water

On 8/11/99 11:16 AM Pat Villeneuve patv@falcon.cc.ukans.edu wrote:

>The spigot pops off. Just hold the opening under a piped spring (common on 
>the AT), or use a bottle of cup to scoop it up and pour it in.

In the for what it is worth department: I've done this with the REI 
3-gallon bladder/bag and it works great. Someone suggested putting wine 
bladders in mesh bags (like onion bags); wish I had thought of that since 
it would work almost as well. The nice thing about the REI bag though was 
that since there were 3 of us last time out we could fill that thing up 
way full for all sorts of camp needs and then never worry about it again.

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