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Re: Re[2]: [at-l] Power Foods for Backpacking


I tho't power gels were great until I switched ... to Medjool dates.

>      2) Powerbars are great for endurance sports (for which they're
>      but regular ol' GORPage (peanuts, raisons, M&Ms) pack a much more 
>      potent punch for backpackers, nutritionally, calorie/weight wise,
>      financially. I constructed a PowerBar-equivalent GORP serving (from 
>      the nutrition labels) last year, and gorp kicked major (hiking)

The long distance travelers in the middle east swear by Medjools and/or
charras. I've used the former and not the latter, which remains illegal
here. Medjools compare favorably, so far as I can tell, with power gels,
except in the salt category. Plus they give you other stuff not in the
power gels like potassium, the same calories, and no wrappers to carry in
and out. The skin melts in your mouth. Some folks think they taste like
shoeflypie. I think they taste better than power gels and are considerably

As for charras, it's illegal here. In Baluchistan they claim a glass of the
stuff each day will let you drive a camel for three days and nights without
stopping and will not affect your motor or hand-eye coordination, important
in shooting when necessary. They take the fresh hemp plant and grind it up
in a mortar with water until the water turns this milky green color. Then
they strain it through a [bandana] into a large glass and drink it down.
It's kind of spicy. We didn't find any in the Hemp Top Quad, though I've
not explored all the trails yet.  We think some California Girls we passed
on Sugar Cove were disappointed that the name and flora didn't coincide,
and turned around and left; or maybe the mama bear and cub scared them off.
We didn't see them again. Ask Orangebug if you don't believe me. He was

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