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Re: [at-l] Beginner's 3-Day Hike - Day 1

> >Ray Jardine says camping on a slight slope is a good thing and the feet
> >should be at the high end.  I get the theory about returning blood from
> >feet, but am still not sure I wan my head lowest.  Anybody got
> >to share? jpj

The hammock slightly raises both the head and the feet. A double-wide,
which I use, gives plenty of mobility for sleeping on one's side or
stomach, too. It's not flat, so that creates a problem for anyone not used
to hammock. It took me a while to grow acclimated to the hammock. I move a
lot in my sleep. By the time I wake up in the morning, I've probably
stretched my back 360 degrees several times. Never had a back ache in the
morning. The feet feel good in the morning. Stomach side down in the
hammock puts you almost in the yoga position sometimes called the cobra.
I'd guess for those into that kind of thing, hammock sleeping puts, on the
Jardine theory, some blood into the seventh chakra ... but I won't go any
further than that right now ...

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