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Re: [at-l] Stephenson tent questions

Hi Ken,

I used my Stephensons on my AT thruhike last year.

<<Setting up the rock sacks for the windows looks a bit tricky. Sure you
can stretch them out quite far but the material that forms the "window
shade" is still pretty low to the ground and therefore you don't seem to
get much of a view. Maybe tieing the bags around hiking sticks will work
better. >>

When I wanted to use the rock sacks to open the windows I threw them over
the top of the tent so the 'windows' on the outer layer lay over the top of
the tent and left the sides wide open.  When I wanted the 'window shade'
effect I used my hiking poles (made as short as possible) and whatever
sticks I could find to prop up the sides by just sticking one end in the
ground and the other end through the loop at the corner of the window.
Worked great and kept the rain out too.

<<I guess to really use the vestibule like space you need to stick the door
loops through something like a hiking stick too.>>

I got the big front door with 2 zips... never used it as a vestibule.  I
did cut out a small piece of tyvek to put INSIDE the tent at the front and
put my muddy boots on that.

<<Finally, to all you Stephenson tent owners out there: are you using
ground sheets with the tent? >>

I used a tyvek groundcloth.  I was worried about the stray sticks and rocks
too, and for my money carrying a few extra ounces of groundcloth was
definitely worth protecting my expensive tent.  I cut the cloth to size and
it didn't weigh very much at all.  One cloth lasted the whole thruhike.

Hope this helps.

GA>ME '98

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