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[at-l] Stephenson tent questions

OK, my Stepehnson's tent is here. Looks like it is in good shape. The 
yellow ends make me think of the local fire trucks though those are a bit 
greener (I think their color is feucsha or however that is spelled). The 
pruple middle is quite nice though.

Setting up the rock sacks for the windows looks a bit tricky. Sure you 
can stretch them out quite far but the material that forms the "window 
shade" is still pretty low to the ground and therefore you don't seem to 
get much of a view. Maybe tieing the bags around hiking sticks will work 
better. Has anyone tried using something like Kelty's light line for this 

I guess to really use the vestibule like space you need to stick the door 
loops through something like a hiking stick too. That's the only way to 
raise the door high enough to make an effective vestibule. Of course, you 
either get the vestibule or the door as a door. No big deal, I've never 
been a big vestibule user though it does seem like there isn't even 
enough space (when the door is zipped shut) left outside in the 
"vestibule" to put say a pair of wet icky shoes. Maybe I'm missing 

Finally, to all you Stephenson tent owners out there: are you using 
ground sheets with the tent? I'd love not to use one to keep weight down, 
but I'm a bit concerned that the floor would get abused by the ground 
(there is always a stray stick or rock on a tent site een if y ou move 
the obvious ones away) and people (usually just me) moving around inside 
as I sleep. Can the material stand up to wear and tear without a ground 
sheet or is a tyvek sheet worth the extra few ounces (gotta measure and 
see how much I need)?

  ** Ken **

ps- I might or might not thru-hike the AT next year, but sections will 
certainly continue to be done. Maybe I should just "go for it" but there 
are some BIG concerns that'd have to dealt with some of which have 
nothing to do with hiking (like caring for the house, paying such bills 
and credit card and phone, come to mind...). I have hiking concerns too 
especially where the Whites are concerned, but that is another matter 

pps- I'm not sure I ever introduced myself. So in this real short 
postscript: I'm me. A person giving serious thought to a northbound AT 
thru-hike next year. I've day hiked extensively both in the States and 
abroad and done a modest bit of backpacking. My equipment is a wierd mix 
of old and heavy and new and light (e.g., Stephensons is new and light; 
sleeping bag is a very old Marmot of unknown type - it's down - I can't 
remember or find anything else about it though it is certainly good to 
the 40s for sure, just too heavy). There isn't too much remarkable about 
me with one exception that I try to downplay: I have low vision (why I'm 
concerned about the Whites). I've done many other things in my life 
including various trips to such places as the Sea of Cortez sea kayaking 
but those don't figure into things here...;) There, that is short enough 
for a post-post-script.

**  Kenneth Knight    Web Design, IT Consultant, Software Engineer  **
**        krk@home.msen.com           http://home.msen.com/~krk     **

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