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RE: [at-l] Beginner's 2nd Test Run and Pack Shake Down

Something seems a bit strange with this comment. I suspect there is a point 
of diminishing return with the work of carrying water causing more sweat 
and heat. There may be further problems with the amount of clothing that 
you pack, especially during record heat wave and drought. If you are this 
fragile, I question why you would hike anywhere on the east coast this 
month. I doubt there is any need for more fleece or cold weather clothing, 
especially if overheating is a problem.

I hope that your hike is a good opportunity to find what you really need, 
and get acclimated to dealing with heat and hills. This is supposed to be 
fun, and not a death march. Replacing electrolytes from sweat is a grand 
idea, regardless of the brand of electrolyte mix. I hope you are getting 
good advice, and not simply alternative medicine hype.

Atlanta, GA

At 02:51 PM 8/9/1999 -0500, Delita Wright wrote:
>My muscles don't seem to completely hydrate with the water I drink.  If I
>don't drink extra water I don't function.  This is why we did the test run
>- to see how much water I drank to hike 5 miles.  I drank 8 liters and my
>son drank 1.5 liters on that hike.  It was very interesting to hike with
>someone *normal* for a change and to see just how great the differences.

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