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RE: [at-l] Beginner's 2nd Test Run and Pack Shake Down

>Why so much water? I would never carry more that 2 or 3 quarts in GA where
>water is almost always easy enough to find. I usually only carry 1.5 quarts
>but might increase that to 2.5 or 3 this time of year.
>Jim McBride

My muscles don't seem to completely hydrate with the water I drink.  If I
don't drink extra water I don't function.  This is why we did the test run
- to see how much water I drank to hike 5 miles.  I drank 8 liters and my
son drank 1.5 liters on that hike.  It was very interesting to hike with
someone *normal* for a change and to see just how great the differences.

If I don't get the water I need, I get heat exhaustion (and just generally
exhausted) very early on.  I am working on the biochemistry issues with my
doctor and nutritionist, and we are making progress.  Apparently the
changes I have made in my diet are making a difference.

Actually, on this trip I tried something new.  At risk of assigning one
case of anecdotal evidence the credit for my hike, I did function better
than - as my son said - either one of us had any right to hope.

I used a product called E-mergen-C.  This is a powder that comes in a
packet (I bought them in my whole foods grocery) which is slightly
effervescent and adds mineral ascorbates to the water - kinda like sports
drinks, only I bought the one without the added sugar (another condition: I
can't do sugar).

From one hike there is no way to tell how much this helped.  But it
*seemed* to help and I needed less water than I was expecting.  So maybe it
did help with the absorbtion problem.  I am convinced enough that I want to
continue to use the product daily (when not hiking) at the recommended dose
of 1-2 packs a day.

And I SURE want to have it with me on my hikes.  If nothing else it makes
the water much more palatable and seems to boost my energy level better
than plain water.

I also found that I was SOOOOO paranoid about running out of water that I
did carry more than I needed.  I was simply more willing to carry it than
to risk not finding it.  I suspect that as I get more experienced and more
confident about my ability to find water, I will be able to cut back on
what I carry, just like I will be able to trust more distance on less food
as I become more sure of myself and my ability to get to the next section.
And, like I said, I am needing less of both these days.

It is looking like hiking may be the best thing I can do to *re-set* my
biochemistry.  This feels GREAT after a lifetime of medicine having
virtually no solutions for me.

Life's an adventure...

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