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[at-l] Now's the time

Hi all,

This message is for those of you who, like me, aren't
close enough to Hanover to hike/bike/drive there for
the Gathering in October, and are on the lookout for
reasonably priced plane tickets.

Many airlines have kicked off a fare sale this week
for late summer and fall travel, including Northwest
Airlines, Continental Airlines, American Airlines,
United Airlines, U.S. Airways, Trans World Airlines,
America West and Delta Airlines.

Some prices are as much as 25% off. Some airlines
require you to buy by August 13 (Friday). Sorry this
isn't *really* hiking-related, but I thought some of
y'all in the south, midwest, and west might be
interested in knowing this. I've been checking fares
for several months now, and this is the lowest they've
been in awhile.

ME > GA 2000 (316 more days!)
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