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Re: [at-l] Power Foods for Backpacking

Somebody did a really good list of calories/weight and posted it to ATML 
maybe 6 months ago.  I have a hard copy at home but not an electronic one to 
post here...  Anybody else?  I think peanuts ranked high.  JPJ

>From: "David  F. Addleton" <dfa@wimlaw.com>
>To: "AT-L" <at-l@backcountry.net>
>Subject: [at-l] Power Foods for Backpacking
>Date: Fri, 6 Aug 1999 17:22:51 -0400
>What do you consider the best energy and nutrition source on the trail for
>the weight?
>How do dates stack up?
>My favorite dates are Medjool dates and here is the nutritional value given
>for them from a growers' association:
>Serving Size 2 to 3 dates (40g)
>Calories 120
>Calories from fat 0
>	% Daily Value
>Total Fat 		0g	0%
>Saturated Fat 	0g 	0%
>Cholesterol 		0mg	0%
>Sodium 		0mg	0%
>Total Carbohydrate 	31g 	2%
>Dietary Fiber 		3g 	12%
>Sugars 		29g 	--
>Protein 		1g 	--
>Potassium 		.57g	12%
>Vitamin A 			10%
>Vitamin C 			10%
>Calcium 			2%
>Iron 				2%
>For comparison, here's the advertised nutritional values for chocolate
>power gels, my favorite flavor:
>41g pkg
>Calories 		120
>Fat Calories 		15
>Total Fat 		1.5g 	2%
>Sat Fat 		1.0g 	5%
>Sodium 		50mg 	2%
>Potassium 		40 mg 1%
>Total Carb 		28g 	9%
>Fiber 			0g 	0%
>Sugars 		7 g
>Protein 		0g
>Vitamin C 		15%
>Vitamin E		15%
>At about $7 per pound, you'll get around a dozen or more servings from the
>larger sized Medjool.  For the buck, I think I'll stick with dates.
>Comments, ideas?

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