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[at-l] Crampton Gap/Burkittsville, MD

I thought it was interesting that hasn't been any comments on how close
Burkittsville, supposed home of the Blair Witch, was to the AT.
Burkittsville lies to the east of where the AT crosses at Crampton Gap,
where Gathland State Park is.

For those who may not know, The Blair Witch Project movie had two scenes
shot in Burkittsville--the shot of the "Welcome to Burkittsville" sign, and
the cemetary.  The rest of the movie was shot in Seneca State Park in
Maryland.  On one of the many promo clips about the movie, though, I thought
I did see one outtake scene in the movie where Heather is doing an interview
in front of the Gathland castle there at Crampton Gap.  I haven't seen that
anywhere else since--either in the movie or on the Sci-Fi channel's "Curse
of the Blair Witch" special.

Anyhow, just thought it might be of interest to some.

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