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Re: [at-l] Hiking Poles/Sticks

> ** are two poles *really* better than one?

Much better ... IMHO ... I've saved my ankles and knees on a number of
occassions. Also, I think two provide a more symetrical workout for the
upper body, than does one. I think four legs are better than three for
balance on uneven terrain, though the mathematicians and engineers on the
list may have a mathematical reason to claim three is better than four.
Also, with two you can make a tripod by leaning two against a tree and can
hang stuff from them, or use them to hold up a tarp, or hang your water bag
on one while you pump water with your two hands.
> ** is a regular, ole, wooden stick not as good as a hi-tech hiking pole?

I can't rate the merits and demerits of hi-tech, as I remain a staff person
myself. I would hazard a guess, however, that you can't beat hi-tech for
weight savings, the wrist straps, and the grips. The wrist straps alone
suggest to me a good reason for me to go out and take a big gulp and spend
the dollars. But I still like my customizable staffs, mainly for budgetary

> ** is there anything to think about concerning the difference in handles?
> Wrist straps?  Other features?

I'll take Wittgenstein's advice on this one and remain silent.
> Seems that I recall someone on the list swearing by a bamboo hiking

I remember that, too, and would like to find a good bamboo staff. I think
it would be much lighter than what I now have.

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