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Re: [at-l] Hiking Poles/Sticks

>My basic questions are:
>** are two poles *really* better than one?
In my humble opinion,,,yes two are better than one.

>** is a regular, ole, wooden stick not as good as a hi-tech hiking pole?
I like the shock resistent handles on mine,,,I like to be able to adjust the
height also. It came in handy when I really hurt my toe and had to use one
as a cane!

>** is there anything to think about concerning the difference in handles?
>Wrist straps?  Other features?
I love my leikis!!!!! The wrist straps help to distribute the weight more
evenly and if you "drop" one and you will,,,it saves you a trip down that
long hill to retreive them! See answer to second question,,,love the
features. My hiking poles saved me from plenty of falls,,,helped me to climb
those mountains and come down them. I would NOT hike without them. I also
used them to hold up my tarp, fend off dogs, poke strange and interesting
creatures (just kidding), check under leaves to see if there was a hole
before I stepped, checked to see how deep that MUD really was, prop up my
pack to learn against, prop up my pack so I wouldn't have to lay it in water
and they made me "feel" safer. KC

>Seems that I recall someone on the list swearing by a bamboo hiking stick.
>Thanks, everyone (she said as she hobbled away from the PC).

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